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Project Phoenix Update - June 2021

Project Phoenix Update – June 2021

This is an update for Project Phoenix and highlights the delivery of important milestones, activities and our continued progress towards start of construction of the new building and renovation of existing surf club facilities.

We have achieved the following milestones and deliverables during our 2020 – 2021 season:

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) created and sent out to selected building contractors;
  • August 2020: Reviewed EOI responses and selected building contractors were added to Tender Panel;
  • Detailed Tender Package created for Design Development & Construct (DD&C) Contract;
  • 12th October 2020: Tender Package issued to Tender Panel;
  • 4th December 2020: Tender closing date;
  • Ongoing monthly meetings held with Sutherland Shire Council regarding redevelopment project;
  • December 2020 to February 2021: Tender Review Process in conjunction with Quantity Surveyor;
  • January 2021: Section 4.55 (1A) Council & Surf Club requested changes to plans approved;
  • February 2021: Agreement with Australian Government for Community Development Grants program for $2,900,000 grant executed;
  • March 2021: Agreement with NSW Government for the 2019/20 Surf Club Facility Program grant of $350,000 executed;
  • March 2021: Expression of Interest issued for commercial spaces in project that will move into a commercial real estate marketing campaign;
  • April 2021: Special General Meeting Held;
  • June 2021: Successful application for the 2019/20 Surf Club Facility Program with a $150,000 grant confirmed.  

The process to select our preferred contractor for the construction of the new building and renovation of existing surf club buildings continues and an update will be made available when this process is completed.

During July there will be a commercial real-estate marketing campaign managed by Colliers who will have the responsibility to secure suitable tenants for a pre lease agreements for the two commercial spaces available on the ground floor and first floor of the new building. This is an exciting phase of the project and we are sure it will generate a great level of interest and publicity for the club. We are very confident of securing a quality tenant or tenants who will support the club and the delivery of our key functional objectives in combination with running a very successful commercial and community minded business.  

The updated plans are located on the Sutherland Shire DA Tracker website under MA20/0326 and on our website here

We hope to announce more important information and project milestones over the next few months and extend our thanks to our members for their continued support on this once in a generation project for our members and the community.

North Cronulla SLSC Board of Directors