Project Phoenix Update - November 2023

Project Phoenix Update – June to November 2023

This is an update for Project Phoenix and highlights the delivery of important milestones, activities since March 2022 when we handed over the site to Lahey Constructions.

This project would not be possible without the ongoing support and financial contributions of Sutherland Shire Council, NSW Government via NSW Office of Sport Surf Club Facilities Program (SCFP) and Australian Government via the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development Communities Development Grants (CDG) program and the financial support of our sponsors and the personal time and effort of our members during the last season.  We acknowledge this support as a critical factor to the success of the project and on behalf of the members we extend our appreciation and gratitude for this continued support.

It is important to inform our members, that we have four building workstreams in progress at our surf club building site that have Lahey Constructions as the principal contractor, and these include:

Project Phoenix: Main project covering new building and existing surf club renovation works.

Sutherland Shire Council maintenance works: Construction of new facilities and heritage surf club building maintenance works and new DA for demolition works and reconstruction of heritage building eastern balcony, external building fins and eastern façade works.

Project Peryman: Upgrade and refurbishment of the existing Peryman pool.

Feros Hotel Group: Incorporating changes in design and layout of the commercial spaces as per recent approved DA and S.455 modifications for service preliminaries and base build works.

June to July 2023:

We experienced very slow progress on the building site due to issues with selected sub-contractor performance and deliverables and supply chain material delays that pushed out delivery dates for following trades and the overall building schedule. 

The equipment room block work was completed, new level 2 concrete slab laid between Judd Room and future lift and stairs, level 1 block work started including new Nipper and Training room and internal block on the new amenities started. New building level 1 columns concrete columns and lift wells and wall were poured in preparation for steel work associated with roofing structure.

Major structural issues identified on the exiting heritage building with external eastern side balcony, external building fins and associated eastern façade that requires demolition and reconstruction of these areas. Council will be responsible for these new works and it require a new Development Application (DA) to be lodged by Council in December 2023.

Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services fit out continues throughout all areas in the project.

August to September 2023:

Steel work installation continues on level 1 including the new Nipper and Training room, new western male, female and disable access amenities and internal fit-out of services in the gear equipment room and round floor amenities and BBQ area. Mechanical, Hydraulic and Electrical services fit out continues throughout all areas in the project.

Heritage building level 1 soffit concrete repair and strengthen works continue with the installation of steel PFC’s on the sides of the beams located in Harry Brown Room.

Formwork and steel reinforcement works continue on the eastern, southern and western sections.

Hydraulic, mechanical and electrical services fit out continues throughout all areas in the project.

October to November 2023:

Very good progress on site with several major milestones completed.

  • The new electrical sub mains were connected to the new main switch board at the club and site is now on permanent upgraded connection to Ausgrid network.
  • Fire Engineering Report (FER) completed and approved
  • New roof installed on level 1, Nipper & Training Room, new western amenities
  • External offboard concrete walls poured for eastern, southern and western section
  • External plant room framework installed on top of Nipper & Training room

Steel work installation continued on level 2 over the Judd Room sun deck and new connecting concrete floor of the new building. External framing of fibro sheets has started on the new western amenities block and other locations on level 1 of the new build.

Electrical, hydraulic and mechanical services fit out continues throughout all areas in the project. 

Looking forward – December 2023 to January 2024

During December the formwork and steel reinforcement for all the new concrete stairs in due to be completed and we expect the concrete to be poured before the Christmas shut down period which will be the last major concrete pour completed for the site. Selected areas of the eternal scaffolding and hoarding will be removed.

Render and painting will start and continue over the December to January period in selected areas on the heritage and new building and work will continue on the heritage building remediation and internal works, three lift installations and fit out of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic services for all areas.

The building progress can be viewed at our time lapse camera via this link.

Current version of builder’s programme is located on our club web site at this link.

We look forward to continued construction progress for Project Phoenix and the new and updated facilities it will deliver to our members and the community.

North Cronulla SLSC Board of Directors



Equipmnet Room Oct 23

Equipment room

Level 1 Nov 23

Level 1

Judd Room Terrace Steel Frames Nov 2023

Judd Room Terrace

Pool Amenties Oct 2023

Pool amenties

Roof Nov 23

New roof