North Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club


Club Management Plan 2020 - 2023

This is a dynamic document that can be changed to reflect changes in external and internal factors that impact on the day to day running of the Surf Club. The CMP was developed around 6 Core Functional areas of surf club and community life:

Core Function Area 1:    Lifesaving and Patrols

Strategic Goal:  Create, implement and support effective patrols which deliver quality lifesaving services to our community and development and enhance our patrol member's lifesaving and beach management skills.

Core Function Area 2: Training and Education

Strategic Goal:  Provide quality individual training and development opportunities for members and key stakeholders.

Core Function Area 3:  Competition

Strategic Goal:  Provide competition opportunities to develop and enhance our competition skills, build team work, respect peer competitors and officials and enhance club spirit.

Core Function Area 4:    Business and Administration

Strategic Goal:  Perform the routine and develop new tasks which enhance and underpin the day to day operations of the Club.

Core Area 3: Competition Function Area 5:    Member Services

Strategic Goal:  Provide opportunities to develop and support our club members and recognise their achievements.

Core Function Area 6:    Community

Strategic Goal:  To encourage the involvement of the wider community in the club and increase community awareness of the essential volunteer work performed by our club members