Course Timetable Season 2023 - 2024

Education and Training Program – North Cronulla SLSC

Season 2023– 2024

North Cronulla Training Courses are run by an On Demand basis and we are opertaing under differnet conditions and using other surf club faclities due to the construction work at North Cronulla.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to email the North Cronulla office and express an interest in their preferred courses, as detailed in the Course Overview section of the Education and Training via the following link


Courses for Season 2023 - 2024 will inlcude the following:

Bronze Medallion Course

Surf Rescue Certificate

Resucitation Certificate

Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate

Spinal Management Certificate

Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew

Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver

Additional SLSA courses will be held based on demand.