The Club

North Cronulla SLSC "Nippers" Junior Activities Group

North Cronulla Nippers Club was formed in 1963 when forward thinking Club Members saw the Nipper as a very important section of the club to provide an opportunity for young people to learn, become proficient in and enjoy the skills of safe surfing and become future surf life savers on duty at North Cronulla Beach.

To quote the Club's 40th Annual Report “ This Club caters for boys between the ages of 8 and 13 years, and its aims and ideals are to prepare the youngsters for future careers as lifesavers. It also teachers the individual the meaning of team spirit, to learn to lose as well as win, and to gain surf sense; all important attributes so necessary in developing a youngster’s character”

The first season was in 1964 – 1965 are grew in popularity to have 120 Members at the end of this season. Today we have over 600 boys and girls ranging from Under 6’s through to Under 14’s learning and enjoying surf life saving training and education, competition, team work and spirit and enjoying themselves at the beach.

We recently celebrated 50 Years of Nippers at North Cronulla SLSC and look forward to another 50 years!

Junior Activities Committee Members for Season 2018-2019



Stuart Voigt Junior Activities Group (JAG) Director 
Graham Ullock JAG Deputy Director / Beach Co-ordinator
Elena Sokaluk Secretary/Registrar
Natasha Hargreaves Education Co-ordinator
Donna Hargreaves Education Co-ordinator
Rochelle Southwell Branch Delegate
Colin Bulloch Branch Delegate / Assistant Team Manager
Andrew Sharpe Officials Co-ordinator
Dave Boggis Touring Team Manager
Greg McKee Touring Team Manager
Belinda Cooper  Carnival Entry Co-ordinator
Monica Di Maio YDD / March Past Coach / R&R Co-ordinator
Kristine Whitford R&R Co-ordinator
Brook Fleming Water Coach
Armando Rojas Beach Coach
David Haggart Beach Coach
Mick McGrath Water Safety Co-ordinator
Ryan Southwell Water Safety Co-ordinator / Equipment Co-ordinator
Megan Kessey Attendance and Point Score Recorder
 Jodie Waugh  Nipper Apparel Co-ordinator
 Jeff Withers  BBQ Co-ordinator
Dave Hargreaves Nipper Bar Co-ordinator
Brad Johnston Equipment Officer
Martyn Edson Equipment Co-ordinator
Bridget Fazio Communications Officer
Sue Woodger General Committee
Kylie Springall General Committee
Rebecca Sharpe General Committee