Training & Education

SLSA Junior Development Program

There is a Junior Development program that includes lessons tailored to each of the Nipper age groups at North Cronulla SLSC. This ensures the content is relevant, in line with lifesaving and competition for that age group and is an exciting and engaging experience for the children.

The program is based on participation and not assessed on competence; this means your child must only be actively involved in each of the lessons to gain the award available for different Age Groups.

Summary of Junior Development Awards:

Surf Play (Under 6 & Under 7)

Surf Aware 1 (Under 8)

Surf Aware 2 (Under 9)

Surf Safe 1 (Under 10)

Surf Safe 2 (Under 11)

Surf Smart 1 (Under 12)

Surf Smart 2 (Under 13)

SLSA Junior Awards

Surf Survival

Provides our Nippers of all Age Groups with an understanding of the surf environment and an introduction to rescue techniques and first aid in order to be able to safely enjoy surf activities Surf Survival Overview

Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC)

This award is the first step to becoming a Surf Life Saver and all Under 14 Nippers will be enrolled in this course as part of their last year of Nippers at North Cronulla. The course provides our Nippers  with the knowledge of basic patrolling and surf awareness in order to be able to participate in basic lifesaving operations. This course is also the minimum water safety qualification for Junior Activity supervision. SRC Overview

Surf Rescue Certificate - Training at North Cronulla

Our Under 14's are already in training for their first major award as lifesavers and we hope it is the first of many SLSA awards.

  • Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC 001) commences, Wednesday 30 July – Saturday 20 September (assessment day TBA)