NCSLSC Nipper State wrap up

8 March 2019

NCSLSC Nipper State wrap up from Stuart Viogt

Well what a great three days of racing, the weather was perfect, the surf threw up some awesome challenges and we walked away with some fantastic results, some shiny medals and big smiles on our faces.

I just want to say how proud I am of each and everyone of our Nippers, squad leaders, team managers, coaches, committee members and parents, you all wore the Blue and Gold with such pride, courage, spirit and determination of true champions well done.

This weekend was a testament to the hard work and dedication you have given all year through winter and summer training, the progress I have witnessed is mind blowing everyone of you can hold your head high and say I left everything on the track, again so proud and well done.

To all the officials and water safety who have again given up your time for our Nippers THANK YOU without people like you our kids could not race and we all appreciate what you do for the kids.

To our coaches well done you have changed the lives of not only our Nippers but the whole NC family, all your had work was on display this weekend and you should be proud of what you have achieved, you have showed everyone of them the path to evolve into the best they can be THANK YOU for all you have done

To All the parents who get our kids to training, Nipper and carnivals foregoing the much loved sleep in it’s weekends like this and seeing the smiles and team spirit in our nippers that make it all worth it, you are an integral part of this family and we are so thankful of your sacrifice and commitment to our club.

So proud to be your Director thank you. Stuart Voigt