Lifesaving Section 2022 - 2023

Surf Lifesaving Australia conducts many competitions that highlight the skills in rescue, resuscitation and first aid. The members of the Lifesaving section of North Cronulla compete in the following events.

Champion Lifesaver is an individual event designed to demonstrate in a competitive manner the physical, lifesaving and knowledge skills required to of a Lifesaver. It is composed of three sections, physical skills (surf, board, sprint and rescue tube races), a 40-MCQ questionnaire and resuscitation.

Patrol Competition teams are made up of 4 members for U/17 events and 6 members for Open events, and the aim of this competition is to demonstrate how lifesavers work as a team in performing skills associated with surf rescue. It is divided up into four sections, physical skills, theory, resuscitation and a scenario task.

First Aid competition is competed in pairs in the ages U/15, U/17, U/19 and Open. It involves the presentation of a scenario and casualty simulation and the team works together to manage the situations, examine casualties, diagnose the nature of injuries and/or disabilities and carry out necessary treatment in priority order.

In the past, NCSLSC has been very successful in these events, and we are looking to rebuild this section, starting with U/17 and Open Patrol Teams, and individuals wishing to compete in the Champion Lifesaver event. Training for and competing in these events are great for honing your patrol, rescue and teamwork skills, and is perfect for those who wish to improve and compete in all facets of lifesaving. Lifesaving competition is also run on different weekends to the major events so this will not clash with your other competition commitments.

If you are interested, please contact Jeff Loy Competition Director or Club Office for more information!