Masters Section 2015-2016

The Masters section at North Cronulla SLSC is available to anyone who is over 30, has their bronze, is proficient and has completed the mandatory 25 hours of patrol per calendar year necessary to compete.

We welcome all newcomers who meet this criteria.

Many former surf lifesaving competitors return  to competition when their own children become involved. There are a range of  water , beach and lifesaving  events available to masters competitors. On the beach events include flags, sprints, 1 and 2 km runs and beach relays. In the water there are surf , board, ski , ironman races plus various relay events in all water disciplines and masters surf boat races are also very popular particularly with North Cronulla members. Masters may also choose to compete in lifesaving and/ or  first aid events.

The atmosphere at Masters carnivals is always relaxed and enjoyable with several local carnivals held each season which are great starting points for new masters and  for the very competitive masters there is the Sydney Branch, NSW and Aussies Titles to take on.

Masters compete in 5 year age groups starting with the 30-34 age group and going up to 70 +.

For more details contact the NC Masters Captain Karen Goman (0407604673).