Proposed building layout

NCSSLC Render 2021

Nipper / Training Room

Nipper Training Room
New Judd Room

Project Phoenix - North Cronulla Surf Club Redevelopment

The surf club has embarked on a major project called Project Phoenix which is the partial demolition, alterations and additions to North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club.

The project required determination by the Sydney South Planning Panel due to construction budget in excess of $5 million and also Sutherland Shire Council cannot approve this DA as the land and building owner of the surf club and surrounding buildings.

A high level overview of the stages for Project Phoenix are listed below:

Stage 1 - Pre- lodgement - Completed over a 12 month period;

Stage 2 - Lodgement of DA with Sutherland Shire Council - 2nd August 2017 (DA17/1001);

Stage 3 - DA Assessment (Sutherland Shire Council, Community & other panels) - August 2017 to October 2019;

Stage 4 - DA Determination Ref # 2017SSH029 (Performed by Sydney South Planning Panel) - 30th October 2019;

Stage 4A - Section 4.55(1A) Approval January 2021;

Stage 5 - Construction Certificate and construction phase - aiming for Q1 2022;

Stage 6 - Construction phase March to December 2022

Stage 7 - Nett Practical Completion Date - Late December 2022 (Subject to any wet weather allowance)

As of February 2022, we have completed Stages 1 to 4A, currently working towards the issue of Construction Certificate in February 2022 and construction is due to start in March 2022.