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The Club

North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club is one of four surf clubs on Bate Bay, Cronulla, about 30km south of Sydney. Our active volunteer patrol members have diligently patrolled North Cronulla beach, safeguarding the lives of swimmers since 1925.

In 91 years, club members have rescued over 12,370 swimmers and proudly recorded ‘no lives lost’ within the patrolled beach area. North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club is a community organisation run by volunteers who are dedicated to protecting members of the public who surf and swim at the beach. Surf club patrols are conducted on weekends and public holidays during the surfing season from September  to April each year.

We are a club steeped in a history punctuated with both triumph and tragedy, however we remain committed to our community service under the red and yellow cap as well as dedicated to excellence wearing our Blue and Gold caps.

We are committed to:

  • appoint patrols and render all possible aid to those in distress

  • prevent the loss of life from drowning by providing efficient life saving apparatus

  • study and practice the surf life saving methods taught by Surf Life Saving Australia Ltd

  • promote demonstrations and arrange classes for instruction to further the best interests of surf bathing and Surf Life Saving Australia

  • organise and conduct carnivals and competition to assist the club in the attainment of the above objectives