Sea-Lice Match Report - Round 6

21 May 2018

Match Report Sea-Lice v Dee Why 19/5.

Round 6 saw the Boy’s travel to Cromer for a match against strugglers Dee Why Lions. 

A call was made for the crew to don either a nice warm cardigan or vest. The boys looked resplendid in the their attire as they got off the Rod Pulbrook Charity Safari Bus (big thanks Rod), a variety of checks, mohair and fine knits of various colours swamped James Morgan Reserve ready for the match.

The fixture saw the inaugural run for a couple of our Surf Sports Competitors fresh from the Aussie Champos and subsequent Asian Tours. James Budd, Zak Hughes, Roy Steele and Matt Jessop all received their call-up together with Chad Moses, Dane Boffo and Club Captain Mitch all given starting positions for the first time. New recruit Owen Hall was also a starter.

The opposition were probably the biggest side we were up against however were down a couple of starters for kickoff. The first couple of minutes seemed an even contest with a bit of kicking and dropped balls the highlight. As the  minutes went by the ‘Lice’ soon gained the ascendency with ‘Twinkle Toes’ Bofinger finishing off a great bit of ‘ball-through-the-hands’ with an in & away to score in the corner. This proved to be the breaking of the proverbial ‘floodgates’ as the boy’s racked up a plethora of fantastic tries highlighted by great backing up, strong running and vigorous play at the breakdown. Most of the new Rugby Inductees took to Rugby like a ‘duck to water’ including Roy ‘I row A’s’ Steele who managed to get a number of ‘meat pies’ and great steals at the breakdown. Club Captain Mitch ‘where’s the tape’ O’Neill fortunately was better at running the pill rather than kicking it, he got a trio of tries despite the protestation of his cramping calfs and local supporters. Additional mentions to both props – Chuckles and Jacob, Dylan Rums and Chad who all had splendid matches.

Bad luck to James who seems to have suffered a season ending injury after a short period of play and to Lachie Thomas, who ran from the field like he was shot, after hyper-extending his elbow.

The post-match was highlighted by a few beverages and some viddles put on by the Dee Why boys at the Time and Tide (I thought we went back in time there for a period). The bus trip was also memorable with the boy’s full of song and verse. Unfortunately some patrons at our later stop at Northies were not so flexible or patient which saw us sadly say farewell to the fabled venue.

A great day had by all, big thanks to Tubby, Maurie, Britto and off course our bus drivers Rod + Holty for their support.

Final Score 79-0