Sea-Lice Match Report Wakehurst

2 July 2018

Saturday the 30th of June, saw the mighty Sea Lice travel north to take on Wakehurst at WakeupJeff Rugby park.

Low on numbers due to injury and work commitments put a strain on our squad, with only two on the bench. These men where Supercoach Mark “Bunga” Smith and David “Fozzy” Gregson. We also had the debut of Sam ‘the Axe’ Barning, who did not look out of place with a strong running game and fierce defence.

Wakehurst finished their warm up by putting out their 
Bensen  & Hedges Smooth, and made there way onto the field. It was evident early on that the Sea Lice were going to be the dominant team. Mind you the sponsorship of the local cake shop might have been the other giveaway?

J’Owen opened the Sea Lice scoring account, which proceeded to open up the ‘flood gates’. Roy ‘the boy’ Steele scoring a first half double, tries to Sam English and Ben Moroko had the boys from North Cronulla go into half time 31 to Zip.

For one spectator this was not a big enough score line, this particular person had mysteriously stayed away from having a beer on the sideline as he knew the Sea Lice may not have been able to go on with the result with out his presence. Like Clarke Kent out of a phone booth club legend Adam Purdy emerged from the dressing sheds and after a knowing ‘Nod’ from Bunga made his way, gingerly, onto the field of play. Purds Snr, not long after found the pill and with his first run + a might fend, inspired the boys to go on with the job. This was to the delight of locals + visitors alike – the legend sweep now the recipient of a ‘players cap’. NO PRESSURE BOFFO!

The second half saw Matt Jessop and Mitch Rofe score their first tries of the season – no bol run for them! There was also a ‘stopped in time moment’ when Fozzy claimed a legitimate try only to be denied by the Whistleblower – don’t worry Fozzy it’s going to happen.

Special Mention to Mitch Rofe for taking out the man of the match honours – well done Mitchy!

Sea Lice running out winners 57-0.