NC Nippers is now registered for the NSW Active Kids $100 voucher program

4 August 2018

Great news, NC Nippers is now registered for the NSW active kids $100 voucher program.

Nipper rego will take place on the 9th, 16th and 23rd of September at the club from 9am till midday, proficiency swims can be completed on the day.

To use your active kids $100 voucher for Nippers Rego simply log into your NEW Services account and fill in the details.

You will need:
a MyServiceNSW account
your child's Medicare card details, and
your child's height and weight (optional)
Once completed you will be emailed your voucher, all you need to use for your rego is the voucher number. 

Please note these vouchers are only available as one per person, if you used it for winter sport rego it will not be available to use again for Nippers 

If you need more info on the Active Kids Voucher FactSheet can be found on the web site