Sea Lice Win Grand Final

21 August 2018

Sea-Lice win Grand Final !

It is hard for me to write a match report that our Grand Final effort deserves.

In short it was a great day from start to finish, complete with a bit of crazy weather and a massive crowd for a Subbies Grand Final - most of which were supporting the Sea-Lice.

The game did not go our way at the start with Engadine scoring early and then electing to take a scrum in an attacking position, which did not go to plan for them. They thought that they would roll-over us here, but the boy's stood their ground and this part of the game was not to be in their advantage.

To be honest it was close at half-time - before we absolutely blew them out of the water scoring 5 tries to  their 2. Our defence, at times, was savage - we never gave an inch. They were by far, a far bigger side but our blokes were far superior in the physical  department, rattling them time after time forcing mistakes.

Our No.8 Roy Steele was again huge, scoring 3 tries. Our two starting props, Jacob and Josh were enormous as was our new Hooker - Dane Bofinger. However there were no bad players out there, everyone contributed - a great result. 

Post-match was also big, a special thanks to Southern Districts for their support.