Bass Marathon Update

31 December 2019

Bass Marathon Update!

The event was cancelled earlier today due to safety reasons and threats posed by the bush fires raging in the region. Based on the run of events that transpired during the day it was a timely and very sensible call. 

Below is a copy of a post from the North Cronulla Rowers FB page from Barry Schuetrumpf :

"Let me start this post by ensuring that all of the North Cronulla Bass touring party are safe and well, either holed up at the evacuation centre at Moruya or Bermigui, while bitterly disappointed that the race has been cancelled our main thoughts and prayers are with those people in the area who have lost their homes especially our great friend Sue Hunt who has been devastated by news of the loss of her parents home at Cobargo and her own home at Malua Bay being under threat.

Thoughts and prayers are with you Sue, please let us know if we can help in any way.

The North Cronulla camp at Moruya have tried to stay upbeat in true Sue Hunt tradition and have been entertaining themselves and the many visitors from the other bush fire refugees. We promise everyone we will stay safe and out of harms way and will continue to offer any support we can to the community down here.
Happy New Year to everyone, hopefully everyone gets to 2020 in the best shape possible"

Please stay safe!