2020 Surf Club Facility Grant Update

23 July 2020

2020 Surf Club Facility Grant Update

The NSW Government today announced that $4 million in grant funding had been awarded to 26 Surf Life Saving Clubs across NSW.

North Cronulla SLSC has be awarded a grant as part of this funding program and we are extremely grateful for the support from the NSW Government Office of Sport and SLSNSW. As per our application, the funds will be allocated to the building of new surf club facilities as part of Project Phoenix which is a major upgrade and refurishment of North Cronulla SLSC buildings and Council amenties.

Acting Minister for Sport, Geoff Lee, made the grant funding announcement today at Coffs Harbour SLSC. He said that the amazing surf clubs and volunteers that supported the community during the bushfires were truly deserving of this funding.

“Surf lifesavers and Surf Life Saving clubs, while never admitting it, are true unsung heroes,” Mr Lee said.

“They provide a vital service, protecting people in the water and helping the community in times of crisis.

“Their efforts providing refuge to thousands of people who were evacuated during the bushfires was the epitome of the Australian spirit.

“These grants will ensure we protect and upgrade their facilities to keep them modern and versatile so they continue to play their important role for future generations,” Minister Lee concluded.

 Please click here for the SLSNSW press release.