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NC Nippers Preliminary Pool Proficiency Endorsement

11 September 2020

NC Nippers Preliminary Pool Proficiency Endorsement 2020 - 2021

Proficiency swims for returning members who were proficient last season will be run in the ocean over the first few weeks of Nippers. In this case pool proficiencies will not be required for those existing members.

New members, those moving into U9s and other existing members who were not proficient last season will be required to sit the pool proficiency. There are two ways to do this:

1. New and existing members who attend regular swim practise are able to obtain pool proficiency sign off from an accredited swim coach (Attached is a template).

Please email a completed copy to with Nipper family name, age group/s and pool proficiency in the subject e.g 'Kenny Family U12/U9 - Pool Proficiency'

2. New and existing members who do not attend swim practice with an accredited coach will be required to attend the club and complete the pool proficiency on one of the registration dates. 

North Cronulla Nippers pool proficiency requirements are:

U8 - 25m

U9/U10 - 200m under 6 minutes

U11-U14 - 200m under 5 minutes 

The U8s will complete pool proficiency of 25m during the first few weeks of Nippers, therefore no need to attend the registration day (unless you are a new member)

Please know the pool and ocean proficiencies are not tests which if not completed competently stops a child from joining North Cronulla Nippers. The intention of the swim is to provide the Surf Club, in particular the Squad Leader and Water Safety Crew with information on your child’s capability in the water. Conditions in surf and North Cronulla beach can be challenging.

Any child that doesn’t meet the required evaluation level at first will be able and encouraged when conditions allow.

In saying that at Nippers we do not teach children how to swim at and encourage all members to attend regular swim practise. We find confident swimmers adapt best to swimming in the ocean.  

In addition it is a requirement that Nippers who are interested in representing the club at carnivals in any discipline can ONLY do so if they are pool and ocean proficient.