Sea Lice Update

11 July 2021

Sea Lice Update - subject to change based on COVID19 restrictions and lgovernment health orders

Hope everyone is getting through COVID Restrictions ok, just thought we would let you all know what's planned for the rest of the season.

Firstly the boy's (if we go back next weekend) will have 3 games remaining till Semi's. At present we are sitting in Fourth place in a packed top 5. If we were to pick up per the draw we will be playing teams all in contention for playoffs, so all very important games. Information relating to the remaining games to be confirmed but at present looks likely that next game (17/7/2021) is at home v Merrylands (comp leaders).

Semi's scheduled to start on 7/8.

Girl's should have at least 2 tournaments to play - details TBA. They are currently sitting in 3rd place overall.

Ladies Day is scheduled for 31st of July at Southern Districts 2pm kickoff please contact Trish Cowan or Jasmin Quirk for tickets.

Combined Boaties/Sea-Lice SPORTS LUNCH on September 10 at Caringbah Hotel.

Presentation Night 28th September - details TBA.